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Ankle sprains are caused by damage to the ligaments in the ankle. Ligaments are fibrous bands which hold bones together. During an ankle sprain, the ankle twists which overstretches or even tears the ligament. Your sprain will be described as lateral or medial depending on which way the ankle has been twisted.

What is the treatment for a sprained ankle?

When treated correctly, ankle sprains usually heal well and recover fully. The following initial treatments should be carried out at home in the first few days after the sprain:

  • wearing a removable brace for three to six weeks (the brace should allow flexion and extension of the ankle and prevent all other types of movements)
  • applying an ice pack to the ankle for around 20 minutes every couple of hours and elevating the leg for the first few days
  • taking pain medication and using crutches
  • rest which involves stopping any exercise or sports for at least one month

Physiotherapy should be prescribed to start during the second week of your recovery.

What are the possible issues with ankle sprains?

If these initial treatments are seen through correctly, the ligament should heal well and exercise and sports can be safely resumed. In rare cases or if the sprain is ignored, complications can arise which essentially consist of: